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Howmuchrent.com is an online platform where individuals across Ireland can add and compare the rent they are paying, providing a community-driven insight into the rental market.

Users can easily contribute their rent data by clicking on the 'Add My Rent' button and filling in the required details.

By adding your rent data, you're contributing to a transparent and open database that helps people make informed decisions when renting a property in Ireland.

Absolutely! Your privacy is our priority. We only ask for information related to your rental situation and do not require any personally identifiable information.

The rent information is partly user-submitted, so accuracy relies on the honesty of our users. We encourage all users to submit accurate information to benefit everyone.

Yes, you can edit your submission at any time by logging into your account and selecting the submitted information you wish to update, from https://www.howmuchrent.com/rents.

The data on our platform is updated in real-time as users submit their rent information.

Yes, landlords can use howmuchrent.com to gauge the average rents in their locality and set competitive rental rates. And to track which landlords beside them, are over-charging, taking away their business

Yes, you can use the search filters, to show the properties with Price History

Currently, yes, our focus is on residential properties.

Often, for Daft.ie, a landlord may change the price/description of a page, to reflect new single/twin/double rooms they have, rather than creating a new ad each time, to save them money. This is why a property may be 350 one week, 200 next week etc if for example they rent weekly.

You can reach out to us via i[email protected]. We're always here to help you!

We will cover all cities in the Republic of Ireland.

Yes, you can remove your data at any time. Login into your account page, then click 'Cancel my Account' button in the bottom right.

Yes, we rely on our user community to help us maintain the accuracy of our data. If you notice any discrepancies, please mark the property as been inaccurate on the map.

Yes, we encourage users to share our data and bring more transparency to the rental market.

If on Desktop, on the left-hand side, you can select Source: User. If on mobile, click the filter button in the top right corner, and select Source: User. You can also select Reviews: Renter Notes, to see descriptions left by Users of their place

Private Landlords: These are individual property owners who rent out their residential properties to tenants. Private landlords can range from individual property owners who rent out their spare rooms to those who own multiple investment properties.
Institutional Landlords: Institutional landlords are typically large organizations or companies that own and manage multiple rental properties. They may include real estate investment trusts (REITs), property management companies, and housing associations.
Social Housing Landlords: These are housing associations and local authorities that provide social or affordable housing to eligible tenants. Social housing landlords play a significant role in offering affordable rental options to those in need.
Student Accommodation Providers: With many universities and colleges in Ireland, there are specialized student accommodation providers that cater to students looking for housing close to educational institutions.
Short-Term Rental Hosts: Some property owners in Ireland rent out their properties on a short-term basis through platforms like Airbnb. These hosts may offer vacation rentals, holiday homes, or short-term accommodations.
Corporate or Business Landlords: Some businesses own and rent properties for various purposes, such as office spaces, retail outlets, or industrial units. These landlords provide commercial properties for businesses.
Government Bodies: Local and national government bodies may also act as landlords, providing rental housing to certain groups, such as civil servants or government employees.
Non-Profit Organizations: Some non-profit organizations in Ireland may own and manage rental properties, particularly those aimed at addressing specific social or housing needs.
Landlords within the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Scheme

Email me at [email protected], would love to hear any suggestions/ideas/thoughts. You will be replied to.

Eircode for a use case like this, costs up to 30k euro. Pending with An Post currently: https://www.eircode.ie/business/products-and-services

HowMuchRent.com sometimes uses data that was/is publicity shared online. This is not private data, contrary to some landlord's beliefs, as it was shared online by them for all to see. If there is an inaccuracy in the description or details, please let us know, and we will fix it ASAP. All phone numbers/emails/filler words/etc are removed from the description.

If, as a landlord, you change your mind about renting a property and decide not to rent it anymore, let us know, and we will prefix the property description, with something suitable to express this. The price point that it was considered to be rented at, is still useful information to others, considering that area to live in.

The only personal data I have is your email address etc if you created an account. You may remove this at any time, if you wish, by closing your account at https://www.howmuchrent.com/edit, but we prefer you to stay and help make Ireland more transparent.

HowMuchRent.com aims to be a transparent archive of historical rental prices in Ireland. And to allow past/current tenants to share their experiences so that the next tenants are more informed. Similar to how the purchase price of buying a property is publicity available on https://www.propertypriceregister.ie, including yours if you recently purchased. Given the recent RTB report(https://www.rtb.ie/rtb-publications), this is a very topical conversation the country is having.

Yes, howmuchrent.com is completely free to use at the moment. Our goal is to provide transparent information about rental prices across Ireland.

By default, we show max 50 results of the location you are looking at, due to some phones having low memory. Zoom into an area to see more results.

If the landlord changes hands, contact us, and we will figure out the best way forward, as you may no longer seek to rent the accommodation etc.

The best thing to do is to add your review on the property if you stayed there, so people will have 2 different opinions to decide between. Other tenants that stayed there over the years, will also chime in, over time. This will inform the next people looking to stay there.

A 100% Independent Project

HowMuchRent.com is currently self-funded to make rental data accessible to all in Ireland.