How Much Are We Paying for Rent?

1207+ properties have raised their rent by over 2%, some over 30%. We all have horror stories when it comes to renting, but this information gets lost on each new rental cycle, once that person moves on. Rents charged by landlords should be made public. It's time for a fairer rental market, starting with your contribution! is a platform advocating for a fairer rental market in Ireland. It's a space where renters can share their rental experiences, creating a transparent database of past rents and experiences at properties. Many face uncertainties when entering into rental agreements due to fluctuating prices without context. For most renters, it's their biggest expense each month. This platform aims to change that by giving tenants access to historical rental data, similar to what homeowners have with property sales.

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Various websites provide insights into the current rental charges in Ireland, such as, and No website does historical data, or tenant experiences while there. The Residential Tenancies Board provides an overall Rental view each quarter of Irish Rental prices, but not specific landlord-level data.

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General Overview of Daft/Airbnb properties over the last few months

A 100% Independent Project is currently self-funded to make rental data accessible to all in Ireland.